Monday, January 03, 2011

SO SAD. I KNOW. Wow. This is just sad. I'm so ashamed. I'm cringing with embarrasment. I claim to be a writer. I profess my love for writing and reading and devouring books and words. And yet, there are a good solid 6 months between my last blog post and now. Tragic, really. Sigh.

I wont give you the excuses that I could - well, if you want, I'll tell you, but they are not that exciting. I'm not claiming that I'm going to write something everyday - I'll do my best but I dont think every day is going to happen. What I will tell you is all the exciting things I'm trying to make happen, both in my personal and professional life.

Sure, sure. Maybe it seems a little "new year, new jess" or "new year's resolution-y" but I'm okay with that. I think that by writing it, er typing it down, sets said text into the universe and then I'm sort of cosmically-obligated to fulfill those ideas. Being a firm beliver in karma, I sure as hell dont want any entity tied to karma or fate or destiny being annoyed with me, thankyouverymuch.

So that said, one to my...what to call these? I dont want to say resolutions, I dont want to call them goals. They are just "things" I want to work on, or with, or towards - sort of inspiration to the Jessica that I want to become.

Being that this is pretty long already, I'll make a few notes here and then address them one by one with further posts - albeit not every day but we will aim for more than once a week.
Without further ado...
1. I definitely want to write more this year. I sort of have this creative planner schedule agenda in my head so that I can get all the writing I want to do actually done while its in my head. Being that I write this blog for myself and whoever wants to read it, another one for a local organization and I'm contemplating proposing one for my current full-time job along with a social media overhaul, this will probably involve an addition to my already color-coded planner.

2. Move my butt! Lord knows that as a writer I sit on my rear. Alot. And since I absolutely positively loathe working out, this should be a real treat to find something I actually like doing. Any suggestions are great appreciated. Oh and if you are going to make suggestions, you should know I'm not a group exerciser, at the most I'm ok with one other person, usually a trained professional. I've done some boxing, dance and cross-country, outdoorsy type stuff before and that was pretty fun. So we will see what I can find that gets my rear in gear.

3. Push my passions! I adore a good number of my life's varying aspects. I like what I do full-time, enjoy my part-time work, Love, with a capital L, my beau, the furkids, our life together and who I have become and am becoming with him, and of course, want to write when I can. I have so much joy for my many diverse task that I really want to take them or help take them to then next level and get each one shining and sparkling in its own individual way. More to come on this for sure, this is where alot of those ideas in my head come into play. They just float around in there until I can get them out and in motion and processing thru my creative systems.

Woo-hoo! I feel great about my post. I might just take an eco-mulligan and print it out for my mirror or fridge so I can remind myself everyday of all the awesome things I am going to accomplish. I definitely think this post made up for my 6 months abscence.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

SLACKING AGAIN, I know, I know. Its been crazy the last few weeks. The beau is finishing up his last week of riding with a training officer and I've been maintaining the household while they send him on these crazy shifts. All while I had finished working an awesome wedding Ihad been working on for over a year, had minor surgery, went out of town, booked some awesome events at work, tried to look for a new house, and fended off general evil in my spare time.

I really think that the police department should call that "family night" meeting the department holds while they are still in academy, "Life at the Speed of Government." At this meeting they tell you how you are responsible for supporting them while in the academy, and you have to push them and you do this, you do that. What they should say is that you should pretty much forget any plan for a normal routine life from here on out, and that you will probably be the one in charge of any kind of routine you might try to establish. I mean this is the nicest way. I LOVE his department and we've liked his training officers. The beau is a great cop and was meant to do this job. But I - and others in the future -would appreciate a little more detail at that family meeting than the ol' this will be tough for them, please support them, speech. Oh and don't glare at the significant others who aren't wives when talking about the community shelter available for immediate family during hurricanes. I know that we are not married, yet, thank you very much, and I have my own hurricane plan so nnnuh!

I didnt mean for this to be a police-related post but it gets away from me sometimes. And thinking about our schedule, or lack thereof, makes me wonder how other girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands do it. Not just with police officers but any civil servant really, and doctors, or even high-powered business people. We dont have children, but we have two fur babies who love their dad, and are really bummed when he is not around sometimes. As the mom, I think the pups feel that I'm not as fun as dad, and really just try to clean the house and tidy up our lives in general when he's at work. Is that weird that I humanize our animals like that? The beau says it is, but I dont care, they are awesome and they totally know whats going on in this house. They get it!

Anyway, its Saturday and I've got a wedding to get ready to set up for in a few hours. The beau is sleeping so I guess I'll go read in bed, pups around me and him, so at least we are together for a little while today! Have a great weekend ya'll!

Friday, July 02, 2010

CONFESSION: I HEART giveaways! And I HEART spa days! This totally combines the two! I've really been wanting to check out Spa Bleu here in the S-A-V. I think an mani/pedi is in my future for sure.

Check it out here and help me to help you to help me! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

UGH-HERE IS AN ETCETRA FOR YA! I have such a yucky taste in my mouth after JoyBehar - who I usually like - hassled blogger Perez Hilton - who I love and have followed for a long time - about his twitpic of an image from a photo service of poplet Miley Cyrus.

Miss Can't Be Tamed was exiting a car in a linen-like dress. Hilton tweeted it as an example of the unladylike manner in which she was getting out of the car. Now "people" are in a tizzy and crying "child porn" saying that Hilton was "suggesting" that viewers could see something when in fact, he posted it in regards to the way she was getting out, not what could or could not be seen.

Having been in trouble before for pics he posted, Hilton knows his limits. He knows when to push and when not to push. I'm behind Perez Hilton on this one, yall!

To even throw out the word 'child porn' for a pic that was taken by a photo service at a public video shoot is ridiculous. To stretch and reach for the connection of his tweet and a lewd suggestion proves that it must have been a slow news day. If critics are all over Hilton about this, then they should have labeled her choreographer for the same with that poledance at the awards show or her grinding about in booty shorts and replicating a super-bowl-esque boob grab on Britain's Got Talent.

When challenged about the public nature of the pic, handlers like to tout that Miley is 17, and still considered a child. I have real issue with this. Play the 'still a child' card til the day she turns 18. not just when ABC/Disney/ABC affliates feel like it. Where was that deck of cards for the awards show or controversial photoshoots?

As an interesting but related sidenote: Not only did ABC pull ads for The View off of Hilton's blog site in protest, but no one cried "child porn" or "suggestive nature" when Kathy Griffin later mentioned on Behar's show about making out with 16-year old Justin Bieber. Ugh - double standards. Thats another etcetera post altogether.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VACAY AWAY - Hey ya'll,

I'm chilling for a bit on vacay with my mom and grandma in an undisclosed locale. I'll tell you this tho - its hotter than Hades here. My sister, her boo and my aunt were here too, but they had to cut their holiday short to get back to work.

Nothing like getting up when you want, eating breakfast when you want, napping when you want, going to the beach when you want. Love it! Not to toot my own horn, but this is a much deserved break.

Anyway, I said last time that I would give yall info on some of my favorite lifestyle blogs. Just like my police girls have given me some insight into this crazy new life my old life has evolved into, my lifestyle chicas often make me look at my life as a whole whether its clothes, home decor or just fun stuff for everyday living. Here are some of my favorites that I read pretty darn regularly.

Darling Dexter - I met Whitney thru her hubby-wuberton who used to work with me. She is so cool without even knowing it. They are genuinely awesome people and even though we are BFF, FabBeau and I really like being couple friends with them. They gave us a cool chair that they had reupholstered when they moved. She makes adorable but sophisticated clothes, she blogs, she is being a student at Parsons (like Tim Gunn Parsons) in NYC and according to her blog she is working with Carol Hannah from Project Runway. Just look at it, you will like her too!

Paris Market and Brocante This boho-chic store has a crazy cool website and blog too. Everytime I read it, it makes me want to redo my house with awesome found objects that look like I shop at flea markets and have really amazing taste. Which I currently do not, and I admit this.

I also love to look at DailyCandy - i even get the emails; PopCandy-that Whitney is so fun!

While I'm at it, I'll go ahead a tell you some other things I like personally, since I tend to have those sites saved to my favorites as well.
Daily faves include my beau, my awesome dogs Chesney and Sue, spending time with my family and friends, playing any form of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit, and my pink Nintendo DS, pedicures and spa-ing ( I like making my own spa products), sleeping late on weekends, Coach bags (I'm working towards a pair of shoes), Dane Cook, black flip-flops, ballet flats, saturday skirts-if you dont know, you dont have one. I love the South in general, particularly Savannah, Charleston and Pensacola Beach, which needs everyone's help and prayers right now.
I can be found at the library checking out the latest fiction and non-fiction bestsellers. I have read every Harry Potter book and stand in line for the midnight showing of the movies proudly wearing my “Insufferable Know-it-All” and “Cleverest Witch of Her Age” shirt. I’m a huge Gone with the Wind fan and have unbelieveable memorabilia, but love movies like the Goonies, Varsity Blues, Steel Magnolias, Swingers, Old School, Wedding Crashers and a recent fave Zombieland. When I’m reading blogs, writing my own, or just chilling at home, I try to catch televisions shows like Sex and the City reruns, Ghost Hunters, Deadliest Warrior, and NCIS (love that McGee).

Next time, I'll give you some professional faves. Until then...
See ya'll lata!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

ONE MORE TIME, FROM THE TOP.....Lets try this again. I really am trying to blog. I have a thousand and one things to talk about and can't seem to find the time to type a post. Geez - how do some people do it? I have friends like Angie and Joe over at The Schlosser Adventures or Kendall and Jeff at News from the Neelys who have jobs, and children, and familes and still find time to post. Hats off to them!

Anyway, a lot has happened since my last post. As most of you know, I have a fabulous beau, and a super faboo job at an amazing museum in the gorgeous city in which we both reside. Fab Beau keeps the peace as a police officer and I plan events for the city's many destination weddings and tour groups. Its a good life, I have to admit! We love our little apartment (well I love it, he wants a house on a kabillion acres) just minutes from the beach, and our 2 crazy furbabies who I like to call the Pup (his 2 year old white doby) and the Grump (my 8 year old black lab whippet mix). I wont quote that crazy Gosselin clan with their "it might be a crazy life..." I prefer my Team Duggers and their "somehow we make it all work." This is true. Enough said.

When I'm not organizing caterers and rental companies, I work with a great bed and breakfast in town planning and coordinating intimate weddings. I just had a awesome 150 person event this last weekend. Bride and Groom were phe-freaking-nomenal and proved that sometimes the bigger the event, the easier it is to control. Everyone had a wonderful time and it was a really gorgeous event with great music (beatles anyone) that barely left a dry eye in the house when two bridesmaids sang Let it Be for the bride's late mother. I had to put on my sunglasses to keep my pro composure. And a big shout-out to my helpers S. and A - ya'll rocked the house and helped keep the s#!t together.

FabBeau has had a rough week. He is still in the training phase - altho he is a 'real cop' - he still rides with a traning officer for a few weeks. The first one he had was the bomb dot com, the second was eh. He was a good guy but his comments seemed to make FB doubt himself which I hate because he gets a pity party attitude which doesnt fly in our house and I worry that he will doubt himself in an important situation and end up with not-so-great results. We are favoring the guy he has now, who is quiet but keeps FB in line and on the lookout. You get those bad buys, baby!

Before I go, I haffa give props to a few blogs that have kept me together for a little bit now. It gets crazy sometimes and I like knowing that there are other people like me, such as

A Police Wife
Requesting Backup

These ladies are awesome and inspiring and awe-inspiring. Mrs Fuzz at Police Wife has kids and is married to her cop, while Requesting Backup and her copper have just moved in together following his graduation from police academy - thats more like me and Fab Beau.

I also like following lifestyle blogs mainly because they inspire me too but more to be an a very cool adult than a good and lovely police girlfriend. I'll get to those and some local blogs that I like to stalk from time to time too!

See ya'll lata!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

COMING SOON.....Ugh, here I am again, neglecting the blog. After being inspired by the Beau and so many of my friends, I'm promising a comeback shortly. Then you wont be able to get rid of me and you will all be following me like crazy. Lots to blog about....Coming Soon!